Welcome to zeevarjewelry.tk, A place to select various styles and colors of handmade wood jewelry. The warmth and touch of the wood carries a new and diverse experience of wearing jewelry. The main material is exotic hardwood and no artificial paint or staining is used as wood finishing. We use natural dyes to stain our jewelry. Also to preserve the wood and showing up its natural grain and color, some mineral oil and Vaseline are applied when polishing the jewelry. Customers can order the finishing materials that most conform to their style and interest. All jewelry is custom made according to customers’ orders.
In addition to wood in some styles metals are used as inlays which add to the harmony and beauty of the jewelry. According to some ancient beliefs some metals have positive effects on our body. They help to maintain our health by having positive effects on blood circulation and nerve system. These metals according to holistic medicine instructions can help to heal pain and tension caused by today's stressful life.