Maintenance and Repairs

Simple but very important care is required to maintain your wooden jewelry in the best condition. Since your jewelry is made of wood, you must be advised that it must always be protected against water and extreme moisture. To keep your wooden jewelry’s gleam and luster, you can simply polish your jewelry with mineral oil. Mineral oil can also protect your wooden jewelry from moisture. We can polish your jewelry with special tools for a small fee. Wooden jewelry is always sensitive to mechanical pressure and impacts. They can break easily. As a wooden jewelry owner, you must handle your jewelry with care and caution and put it off when you are in situations that water or mechanical impact or extreme heat and cold or humidity is involved. For example you must take your jewelry off before washing your hands or taking a shower or swimming. It will also be wise to take off your jewelry when working with tools and machinery that may harm your jewelry. In case of any damage to your jewelry please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can possibly find ways to repair it.