Wood Meanings

There are beliefs that each type of wood has specific characteristics that one can use as part of holistic medicine. Although certain biochemical specifications in plants have been recognized by man through history but some remain unknown until science discovers them.
According to some ancient viewpoints types of wood can carry certain meanings.  Some wood varieties that we use to make our
wood jewelry and their meanings are as following:

Ebony is a wood which comes from Africa and or south East Asia. This wood is very dense and heavy so that it sinks in water. Its
color is black but sometimes slightly lighter shades are available too. Indeed Ebony is the darkest color wood that exists. Its texture is very dense and when polished it has very smooth finish and beautiful luster. Since Ebony is a very strong wood it is the symbol of unlimited "pure power".



Yellowheart wood comes from Amazon region. It has bright yellow color that steadily exists all over the wood. This wood gets high
polish and has a beautiful golden sheen. Yellowheart is the symbol of "dominant energy".

Bloodwood is fine dense wood from South America with a beautiful rich, rose color. It adds a mysterious sheen to the jewelry when
used beside darker color woods such as Ebony. Bloodwood can also be used with woods that have a character of gold color such as Yellowheart to make a warm and blissful theme. This wood is symbol of "strength".

Lignum Vitae
Lignum vitae also known as Greenheart is from Central America. Its color varies from a light yellowish olive to deep green or dark
brown to almost black. Its grain has a unique feathered pattern. Lignum vitae is very dense and soft. It has natural oils that are used as medicine to cure coughs and Arthritis. “Lignum Vitae” meaning in Latin is “wood of Life” so this wood is believed to be the symbol of "long life".